May 31, 2020

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  1. Wagners were blessed by their visit to California and to their family. Weren’t supposed to sit on the beach, but no one was arrested, and no one went crazy about it.
  2. Cathy is praising the Lord for a conversation with Tingting expressing the desire to continue being in contact with each other.
  3. Kristin Lane just finished school, and it feels good since it was a lot of work to do it all online.


  1. Lauren asks us to pray for the Friendship Baptist Church. They are having a meeting this afternoon regarding the pastor’s health issues. John will attend the meeting and probably be the only caucasian person there. The people are sad about what is going on in the world.
  2. Lauren also asks for continued pray for son’s girlfriend and conversations about eternity.
  3. Riots in the various cities of America.
  4. Finn and Sandy are stuck in a good place, but there is no chance for them to get out until China – US relations improve.
  5. In Indonesia, they have shut down a lot of local transportation. Kristin is staying in Indonesia because she would have had to quarantine four weeks out of her six week summer.
  6. Marion and Francis are doing fine. Jeremiah 17, Marion does not like being on the potter’s wheel.

May 24, 2020

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1. The Covid issue has given Marion time to develop relations with brothers and sisters around the world. Let’s learn to communicate with each other in love while we are offline.

2. Frank’s grandson, Justin, graduated from college in Fort Collins. He has a new job with one of his professors, and he has a serious girlfriend.

3. Jim Reitman is grateful that, for the first time, he has an assurance that his son is genuinely saved!

Payer Requests

1. Dave Wilson does not believe there is a common feeling from his friends in Beijing. Some are afraid. Some are very optimistic. It just depends on individuals and what one is putting his faith in. Let’s pray for a strengthening of faith in the Lord in China.

2. Sandy and Finn are scheduled to fly out on June 9. Let’s pray that the flight will be allowed to go.

3. Frank Dennis will be approaching his neighbors on the east and west sides of his house about being a first responder to a fall alert device that Frank has just acquired.

4. David Sloan and girlfriend are still ill after two months. Is God working to get their attention? Let’s pray for healing and for growing in spiritual death.

5. Larry Dearing’s son in law’s father, early 70’s, has COVID and is recovering.

6. Linda Plett’s family has experienced two COVID deaths.

7. Dave had the hiccoughs for eight days, but he is past it now. It was drug related. The knee is doing very well. He finally figured away to fall asleep now.

8. Let’s pray that the Lord will make clear what the next steps are for FBC to the elders particularly as it relates to reopening for services and determining the direction our ministries should take in the future.

9. Kim Brackett is wanting to complete plans for a memorial service for Chuck. Let’s pray that the service will encourage others to live for the Lord.

10. Frank Dennis’ kids, Cathy and Bill are moving to Colorado Springs. Let’s pray for all the details to come together. Also, Frank is planning a memorial for Sally, but the timing is still in question. Let’s pray for clarity for that.

11. Becky’s Mom is doing fine. Austin and Kim are experiencing a reduced income as a result of the economic situation. Kristin’s school ends next week. Let’s pray that the Lord’s presence would be evident in all of these circumstances.

12. Chuck Asay has a friend, Mary Adelman, who is very ill. Her daughter arranged for an early wedding in the hospital thinking that Mary may not survive much longer. Let’s pray that, however the Lord chooses to bring this to a conclusion, it would bring great glory to His name.

13. Steve Lewis says the college is doing OK. He has had to develop a flexible program accommodating students from around the world. Consequently, he is doing lots of Zoom classes. Let’s continue to pray that these classes will produce strong leadership for the Church in a few years.

14. Bill and Debbie Harris’ son, Paul, is doing fine in the Middle East. He is still isolated. Let’s pray that the Lord will use him to give hope to his neighbors. They are also acquainted with a missionary family in the Middle East who seem to have many opportunities to share and help the people around them. Let’s pray that this will lead to new commitments to be followers of Jesus.

Voyagers on Zoom.

May 17, 2020

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1. Davin, Torjesen’s son who was in an accident, is healing very well.

2. Stores are opening all over China.

3. Tingting has a new apartment within walking distance of her job.

4. Frank is thankful that Sally was able to remain at home, so that she could visit with people.

5. Dennis’ travel to California was smooth.  No one was in Security.  Flight attendants are smiley and happy.  The flight was less than 50% full.  One person per row.  Passengers were very considerate.  Los Angeles is beginning to open up.  Might be able to walk along the beach.

6. Lane’s grandkids are visiting.

7. John Jannett loves getting out and walking outside.


1. Sandy Torjesen has reported that you can’t get anything for fever in China – even for children.  The government just doesn’t want anything to mask symptoms.

2. Pritz’ have moved Ron’s Mom to hospice.  It is not open for visitors.  It is hard to know her condition when visitors cannot check in on her.  Ron and Mikel Ann are praying that Mom won’t notice.  Pritz’ are driving to Oklahoma City on Thursday and will be gone for ten days.

3. Please pray for David and Jade (Lauren’s son and daughter-in-law).  They are 30 days into the quarantine and still restricted.  They are not feeling worse, but not any better either.

4. Sandy and Finn’s daughter, Denise, was proposed to, and they got married right after the proposal.  The house was already full of people in anticipation of her positive response.

5. Marion Luke and Floyd Wilkerson shut in.  Floyd’s vertigo is getting worse.

6. David Wilson has hiccoughs that won’t go away.  Throat is sore from the ventilator used during surgery.

7. Frank requests prayer for doing the little things that remind him of Sally. Frank mentioned the joints in Scripture.  What do the joints supply?
1. Transmission of power
2. Connection
3. Joints together get the job done.
4. Friction.  Joints will feel it most when there is nothing between them.
5. Pain protects a bad connection between the joints.  This warns us of the things that cause permanent damage.

May 10, 2020 – Voyagers Prayer

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May 3, 2020 – Voyagers Prayer

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1. Ryan, the student who had the skiing accident in Switzerland is recovering well.

2. Kevin has not sold his house in Laredo yet.  They love their new house in Oklahoma City.

3. Kim’s garden is cleaned up.

4. John is going downtown to do communion in the park with the church he attends in the inner city.

5. Glenda gets a prayer sheet from their church in China.  Still more people attending church now than before Covid-19.

6. Austin Lane has not gotten the virus despite the co-worker that proved to be infected. Their house in Craig is scheduled to close on May 8.

7. Eli’s Dad had a restraining order against him.  But now, all charges against him have been dropped without a court case.  The DA probably had something to do with it.  He also had to get a new job.  He found a great one.  He is doing well.  Let’s pray that old wounds will heal.

8. Sally had a chance to see all of her children and grandchildren before she passed away.

9. Good time for Marge and Chuck.  They have gotten to be with kids, and learned a lot about Zoom.  Marge is feeling good.

10. Larry also got a loan for Marble Retreat.  This is going to be a blessing for the MR staff.

11. Frank received an email that Davon will be going home from the hospital today.


1. Wilsons are supposed to be back in China, but foreigners cannot get in.  Rescheduled flights for July 9.  Dave will have knee surgery this week.  Let’s pray for Dave’s full recovery, for his table tennis game, and for the sustenance of the relationships they have cultivated over the years.

2. Pritz’ want to go to Oklahoma at the end of May.  Let’s pray that this family visit willencourage Andy and family.

3. Pris has not yet met her granddaughter.  Planning to fly to Los Angeles on the 16th.  Let’spray that this visit will establish a relationship that will allow Pris to stimulate her son’s family to love and good deeds.

4. Kim’s Chuck passed away under hospice care.  It was a precious time with him.  Mother is doing well but can use emotional support.  Have not had a memorial service yet, but it is OK.

5. Frank is wondering how to set up a fund for Sally’s memorial.  People have commented on her smile – so might be a fund for “operation smile”.

6. David Sloan and girlfriend have quite a few symptoms of Covid-19.  Pray for their spiritual health as well.  They are in Westlake, CA.

7. Ian and Lorah have taken in Gianni, a newborn, as a foster child.  He is doing well physically, and he seems to be a very happy baby.  Please pray for Ian and Lorah, who desire to help kids whose parents are having problems.  They want to provide a stable and faith-based home for their children.

8. The summer programs at OC have been postponed to the first two weeks of August.  This makes the programs shorter.  Much has been done to decide which courses can be handled through OC’s online learning center, but it is a pressure situation to get these courses done before August.  PEP, OC’s program for returning overseas workers, has been rescheduled for the middle of September.  Upside is that OC has more contact with their overseas workers than they normally have.

9. Deb is part of the crisis response team for OC, but this is a heavy responsibility given the uncertainty.  Office is still closed for the next two weeks.  It is crazy trying to keep up with all the information that is coming down.  Many other businesses are facing the same thing.  Let’s pray that the Lord will accomplish His will through this pandemic.

10. Dennis Wagner was granted a payroll protection loan that helps his business.  They are an essential business, so they couldn’t shut their doors.  Half their employees have worked from home, and half go to the office.

11. Kathy has been able to share with her Chinese friends on a more regular basis.  Yuntingmoved to Beijing and quarantined in a windowless block apartment.  She is struggling with China’s policy and with the existence of God.  The others are getting back into their jobs, but online teaching has proven to be difficult for them.  Let’s pray that Yunting will come to reconcile God’s personal care for her while allowing suffering to continue in a fallen world.

12. Pritz’ cancelled their visit to Nepal.  They will teach the whole course through Zoom. Let’s pray that the preparation for this class would not be excessively burdensome, and that the result will be new leaders in Nepal prepared to lead their churches.

13. Kim’s allergies have been bad this last month.  She can’t breathe sometimes, and her eyes are swollen.  Anniversary of Dad’s passing, and Mark’s passing are both coming up.  Relations with her stepmother are strained, and communication is breaking down.  Let’spray that, while Kim must suffer from her allergies, she would be a blessing to those around her.

14. Kristen Lane is wanting to finish well in Indonesia, but all her teaching has to be online.  She is still struggling with losing her brother. Let’s pray that God would help the entire Lane family to deal with their grief, anger, and sense of loss. 

Hey, Voyagers, remember us when . . . 

March 29, 2020

Dear Voyagers,

You found us! This is our site on the FBCCS.ORG website. The big question is, “What would you like to do with this site?” We have a place on this website to connect with music (Worship Him), with past sermons (Sermons and Lessons), with prayer for our people (Requests and Prayer), with our Ambassadors (Ambassadors), with specific needs in our body (Serving and Servants), and with supporting our FBC ministries (Supporting and Giving)

I asked Pastor Raleigh to give us this space and make it possible for us to post announcements, etc. Right now, only the techies running our website can post stuff for us, so you would need to send your announcements to me, and I will pass them along.

But what else can we do with this space? If you have ideas, can you send them along to me?

I thought about getting us connected using Zoom. This would require an internet connection on your part. When we agreed on a time to meet, I would send you a link and we could all connect for a class discussion on some topic. But, for now, our “Zooming” would have to be outside of this website. We could post the announcement here, but we would need to conduct the Zoom gathering through Zoom outside of our website.
As you think about what you would like to see posted here, please remember that this site is not secure. Anything posted can be seen by the whole world!

I did think it would be wonderful to post some pictures of what you are doing while we are under the “stay at home” order. If you have pictures that we can post, please send them to me with a short caption, and I will see that they get up on this site.

Below is an example. Even though the picture was taken on my last visit to Mongolia in September of last year, I am still coaching these leaders through Zoom.

Let’s stay in touch, Eric

Some of the Mongolians leaders that I am still coaching.