Pray with the Elders

Dear FBC Family,

Thank you for praying with your elders regarding the future of FBC’s ministries last week.

This week will you join us in praying for the following?

1. Let’s continue to give thanks to God for who we are as a church body. Let’s give thanks for the values that have governed us. Let’s give thanks for the people who have led us in the identification and implementation of those values.

2. We are people of values. Let’s pray for our elders as they work on making sure our values are Biblical and articulating them in a way that is understandable to most of our people.

3. We are a church that is committed to the understanding that God’s grace is free. We need do nothing to “earn” or “deserve” God’s gracious dealings with us. Yet, there are many believers around us that struggle with this concept. Many of them suffer from guilt because they feel they must “perform” to deserve God’s blessing. Let’s pray with our elders as they struggle to know how our church can be a blessing to these other brothers and sisters who suffer from this guilt.

Thank you for praying with your elders as we seek to hear from God on what our ministries ought to look like in the future.

If you have questions or suggestions, please email them to the elders at Also, the elders would like to know how God is working with you. How has God blessed you as you quiet yourselves to listen? Please send your stories to the same email address.

Serving Him with you,

Eric Smith
Elder, Fellowship Bible Church