Maybe We Can Begin Asking When?

I pray you are doing well as we continue to be “geographically” apart for worship this Sunday. Have you begun to ask when will we be back together on Sunday? When can I go back to work? School? Friends? Normality? As I watch and listen, the folks are getting restless.

The elders will meet this Tuesday (virtually still of course). I think maybe, just maybe, we can begin asking when? At least we can ask, how will we decide? As I have said before, we are blessed with a meeting place with enough space we could all sit not just six feet apart but six seats apart. You all can wear masks. The singers can sing from the little balcony. I’ll stand far way up on the stage. I’ll have to work out better how to preach in a mask. My glasses steam up. I’ll start practicing.

My eyes are getting tired from too much screen time (some necessary some by poor choice) so I am not seeing well. My sermon for this week on the site addresses “seeing” in times like these—actually all the time. Thomas might have said “seeing is believing”.  My point is more that “believing is seeing.”

I invite you to listen or read the sermon. I also, at the last minute, attached a song that touches a bit on the same theme. I didn’t ask this in the sermon, but I’ll ask it here. Where does the elderly woman in the video turn to be able to “see” when she finds herself “in the dark” of life?

The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed!

Everlasting LIFE…by God’s grace alone, through simple faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone!

We can’t GO to church…We ARE the church!

The church does not exist for its own sake but for the sake of the world God loves!